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Khadoh is a country located on the shore of a landmass in the Rime Ocean. It is a trade partner of New Crobuzon, and some literature by Khadohi authors can be found in the libraries of Armada.


The written language of Khadoh uses "cursive pictograms", also referred to as "lunar calligraphy". In The Scar, a sample of phonetics is given in the form of a transliterated but untranslated title: Uhl-Hagd-Shajjer.

Events of The Scar[]

Khadohi literature on oceanic life and conditions is among the various sources scouted by the scientists of Armada in their quest to summon an avanc. Linguist Bellis Coldwine is able to identify, but not translate, several works listed in Uhl-Hagd-Shajjer.

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