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Kinken is one of New Crobuzon's Xenian districts, and home to the majority of the city's Khepri in the centuries following the Tragic Crossing from Bered Kai Nev.

Notable features[]

Kinken is distinguished by the abundance of home-grubs, which coat the district houses in phlegm-cement that the local khepri use to reshape the buildings to their standards.

Plaza of Statues[]

Kinken's most famous landmark is the sizable Plaza of Statues, translated from its original khepri name, which attracts visitors from around the city. The plaza features fifteen-foot tall figures of plants, animals, and monstrous creatures both real and imaginary, created by groups of female khepri working for days to chew paste and colourberries.

Although the statues are generally seen as a monument to dedication and community, some khepri such as Lin feel that the plaza represents "bankrupt imaginations falling back on cod-heroic grandiosity".

The Plaza of Statues was largely destroyed by New Quill rioters in 1804, along with much of Kinken.


The khepri run Kinken semi-automously. Khepri institutions are nominally mutual aid societies which answer to a moiety chief and a hive queen. In practice, these societies are just facades for the moieties or family clans, some of which date back to the very beginning of the Tragic Crossing.

The hive queens ensure the security of the streets and punish wrongdoers. The hive queens also levy tributes on local residents and businesses in addition to the city taxes. Lawbreakers are rarely turned over to the militia, usually after a back-channel request. More often, criminals are kept under house arrest within Kinken.