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Krüach Aum was an anophelius scholar from the colony south of Gnurr Kett. He was known for writing and publishing, via the Kohnid publishing houses, a book on the mechanics and underlying mathematics of raising an avanc.

Events of The Scar[]

During the events of The Scar in 1780, Bellis Coldwine, employed by the floating city-state of Armada, discovers Krüach Aum's book in the city's Grand Gears Library. The city sends an expedition to the anophelii colony in search of Krüach Aum. After finding him, the landing party remains on the island for several days as they work out the gaps in the process of raising an avanc. Upon their success, the landing party returns to Armada with Aum in tow and, with his help, raise an avanc.

Several weeks later, Krüach Aum is killed by the Grindylow as he and a scientific party investigate why the avanc has slowed.