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Magister Legus was one of New Crobuzon's magisters. He was the lover of mayor Eliza Stem-Fulcher.


Like all New Crobuzon magisters, Legus conducted his court wearing a mask and with a false name. Sometime prior to the events of Perdido Street Station in 1779, he sentenced a young woman to Remaking for the crime of shaking her baby to death.

Events of Iron Council[]

During the events of Iron Council in 1804, Toro and her gang spend months plotting the assassination of Stem-Fulcher. Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, the entire purpose of the plot is purely for Toro to exact her revenge on Legus for ordering her Remaking. Legus is killed several weeks before Lunuary 1805 in a suicidal assassination by Toro.

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