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Lemuel Pigeon was Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin's underworld contact, a professional middleman who was able to obtain goods or courier messages in return for payment.


Lemuel was younger than Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin, with curly yellow hair which he wears in a messy ponytail. When Isaac met with Lemuel in the latter's office in The Moon's Daughters, Lemuel was wearing a burgundy coat with a yellow waistcoat and a small top hat.

Befitting his profession, Lemuel was generally affable, yet equally capable of resorting to brutal violence if need-be. Everyone who dealt with Lemuel was well aware of his nature, and some of his clients, such as Isaac, viewed Lemuel as an unfortunate necessity.

Events of Perdido Street Station[]

During the events of Perdido Street Station, Isaac asked Lemuel to help him acquire a variety of flying specimens, although he did not mention that this request was for his research on behalf of Yagharek. As Lemuel put out the word around New Crobuzon, a wide variety of specimens began rolling in - including a single slake moth larva.

He hires a mercenary group to help Isaac and the team defeat the slake moths. Lemuel is killed when he is swarmed by the cactae people, who mistakenly think he is aiding the slake moths and do not realize Lemuel was attempting to help them.

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