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Lin is a female khepri artist, and one of the main characters in Perdido Street Station.


Lin lived in Aspic Hole in New Crobuzon, where she created khepri spit-art as a gland-artist. During the events of Perdido Street Station, Lin was commissioned by New Crobuzon crime lord Motley to create a lifelike sculpture of himself.


She is involved with Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin, who kept their inter-racial relationship a secret from his professional associates.

Events of Perdido Street Station[]

Lin was contacted by Mr. Motley to create a spit-art sculpture of him. Over the course of the story, she progressively shaped a complex sculpture of the crime boss' unusual body.

When it is learned that Isaac may have something to do with Motley's Slake Moths escaping, he imprisons Lin in order to get Isaac to come to him. She is tortured until Isaac arrives with the help of the Weaver, chasing the final Slake Moth. In the confusion, Lin is attacked and partially lobotomized by the moth.

Though the two of them escape, Lin is unable to recover her grasp of language or artistic ability.

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