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Looking For Jake is China Miéville's first collection of short fiction. It was first published by Del Ray Books and Mcmillan in 2005. It contains the original stories "On The Way To The Front", "The Ball Room", "Go Between", and "Jack".


To Jake


My sincere thanks to Emma Bircham, Mic Cheetham, Simon Kavanagh, Peter Lavery, Claudia Lightfoot, Colleen Lindsay, Jemima Miéville, Jake Pilikian, Max Schaefer, Chris Schluep, Liam Sharp and Jesse Soodalter.

My deepest gratitude goes to all the editors who commissioned and/or published some of these stories: Benjamin Adams, Michael Chabon, Pete Crowther, Eli Horowitz, Ian Irvine, Maxim Jakubowski, Pete Morgan, Bradford Morrow, John Pelan, Mark Roberts, Nicholas Royle, Peter Straub, Jeff VanderMeer, and Tony White.

I would like to point out that the historical detail in the story “foundation” is accurate and a matter of record. The U.S. Army did bury Iraqi soldiers alive, using tanks mounted with plows. Among many other sources, see Patrick Sloyan’s article “How the Mass Slaughter of a Group of Iraqis Went Unreported,” The Guardian, 14 February 2003.

Stories collected[]

  • "Looking For Jake" (1998)
  • "Foundation" (2003)
  • "The Ball Room" (2005)(co-authored with Emma Bircham and Max Schaefer)
  • "Reports Of Certain Events In London" (2004)
  • "Familiar" (2002)
  • "Entry Taken From A Medical Encyclopaedia" (2003)
  • "Details" (2002)
  • "Go Between" (2005)
  • "Different Skies" (1999)
  • "An End To Hunger" (2000)
  • "'Tis The Season" (2004)
  • "Jack" (2005)
  • "On The Way To The Front" (2005) (illustrated by Liam Sharp)
  • The Tain (novella) (2002)


In October 2006, the story Details was reported to have been turned into a script by Dan Kay and picked up by studio Paramount Vantage.[1] The script was said upon the original story's exploration of pareidolia and rework the plot to feature a father and daughter. As of July 2008, no further details have been announced.

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