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"Gazid was a pathetic figure forever reminding anyone who would listen of the one successful show he had arranged for a now-dead aether sculptress thirteen years previously. Lin and most of her friends viewed him with pity and contempt."
Lin reflects on Gazid

"Lucky" Gazid was a drug addict and former impresario known around the art circles of New Crobuzon as a dealer in heliotypes. He had several underworld contacts, including a dealer working for the infamous crimelord Motley.


Gazid had a reputation as a drug addict, and was the subject of pity in Salacus Fields, where he would take heliotypes of artists' works and attempt to sell the images to any buyers who were interested. He was also known for turning up weeks later with trousers covered in vomit and shoes covered in blood.

Events of Perdido Street Station (1779)[]

In 1779, Gazid shares heliotypes of Lin's work with his own dealer, who in turn shares them with Motley. When Motley expresses interest in meeting with the artist, Gazid meets with Lin at the The Clock and Cockerel, where he convinces her to work for Motley as a spit-sculpter.

Several days later, Gazid visits the lab of Lin's lover, Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin, and inadvertently assists in determining that Slake Moth grubs require dreamshit in order to grow. Not long after this visit, Gazid complains to Motley about the lack of dreamshit available, tipping off the crimelord to Isaac's role in the disappearance of a moth.


Shortly after Motley realizes that Isaac has taken a slake moth, he has Gazid tortured to death by his henchmen, and his body and a note in his mouth are left in Lin's apartment as a message for Isaac.