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Ma Francine was a Khepri crime lord headquartered in Kinken, New Crobuzon. She was one of the largest rivals to New Crobuzon's other major crime lord, Motley.

Events of Perdido Street Station (1779)[]

Ma Francine initially has major operations in Kinken, where her organization distributes shazbah.

Over the course of 1779, Francine begins expanding her reach into other districts and competing with Motley for control of very-tea distribution. Motley complains about Francine's actions to Lin while she works on her sculpture of him, and Lin begins to see Francine as a sort of personal hero.


Around the end of 1779, Ma Francine was assassinated by an unknown party and a war of succession began in her organization. By the time of Iron Council (novel) in 1804, she has been succeeded by the aptly-named Francine 2.