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A mafadet is a massive predatory creature with the head of a snake and the body of a lion. Mafadets are notable for their massive, foot-long fangs and venomous bite. They are native to the dry scrub of Rohagi, presumably south of the Dancing Shoe Mountains.


First recorded around 1279AU by Libintos the Sage, an inhabitant of what was then called Crobuzon, mafadets are described as massive, quick predators. Their bodies are covered in dun-colored fur, with a thick tuft that surrounds the area of their neck where their lion-like body transitions into their snake-like head. Their eyes are solid black.

Events of Perdido Street Station[]

A captured mafadet is one of the attractions that Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin and Derkhan Blueday observe when they visit a travelling circus in search of a garuda. This particular mafadet has been defanged and is kept in terrible conditions, and Isaac is appalled once he realizes what has happened to it.

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