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Maru'ahm, also referred to as the casino parliament, is a city state on the south-western coast of Rohagi. It is notable for its unusual system of legislature, in which laws are the stakes in gambling games.


Maru'ahm is a monarchy, currently led by a Queen. Its legislature is composed of "cardsharp senators" who gamble for the right to enact legislation.


Maru'ahm is a gambling culture where accusations of cheating are officially resolved through duels. Its royalty travel from town to town on biokiteships with a retinue clad in jade-and-opal-coated jumpsuits, looking for gambling opportunities.


Although there are a variety of common gambling games that can be played for legislation, Maru'ahm does have its own set of house rules. Maru'ahm gamblers use some form of thaumaturgy in their betting, enabling them to gamble for abstract things like thoughts or the lives of daemons.


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