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Sister Meriope was a former nun of the Daughters of Dariach, a religious order in New Crobuzon. She was fleeing to Nova Esperium due to her pregnancy, as sex was forbidden in the Daughters, when the Terpsichoria was captured.

Events of The Scar[]

During The Scar, Meriope was one of Bellis Coldwine's fellow passengers onboard the Terpsichoria, and attempts several times to make friends with Bellis. When the Terpsichoria is captured by Armada, she is among the passengers brought on board the floating city and made citizens.

Several months after the capture of the Terpsichoria, Meriope is killed after getting caught in the middle of a firefight between Armadan sailors and New Crobuzon marines during the New Crobuzon navy's attack on Armada.

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