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The NCS Morning Walker was a large dreadnought in the New Crobuzon Merchant Navy. The Morning Walker was under the command of Captain Princip Cecasan when it was sunk by Armadan forces.

Events of The Scar[]

Late during the events of The Scar, the Morning Walker is the flagship of the considerable fleet sent by New Crobuzon to retrieve Silas Fennec and his notes from Armada. Using the intelligence provided by Fennec, the fleet hides their approach from Armada's nauscopists with the help of meteormancers while also bringing along countermeasures for most of Armada's defenses. Upon arriving at Armada's location, Captain Cecasan attempts to parlay with the floating city for the return of Fennec. Doul and the rest of Armada, realizing the existential threat posed by a navy able to track them, decide to fight.

With their preperations, the Morning Walker and its fleet are able to destroy most of Armada's usual defenses and deal significant damage to portions of the city. However, thanks to Uther Doul's quick thinking, most of the fleet, including the Morning Walker, is sunk by Armada's tug fleet, jerry-rigged as suicide vessels. With the sinking of the Morning Walker, the remaining fleet loses its reserve of coal and is doomed to a slow death as they attempt to retreat from the outskirts of the Hidden Ocean.


  • The Morning Walker gets its name from C. S. Lewis’s Dawn Treader.