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Myrshock is a port city-state roughly 600 miles south of New Crobuzon, on the coast of the Meagre Sea. The city is a dull, ugly place described as being located in "a depression of wheat-brown grass".


Myshock is a port city, featuring a mixed population and an equally mixed array of architecture.


Myrshock's architecture is a mish-mash of ancient structures and materials that have been combined largely without regard for aesthetic. In the areas where there was a conscious effort to design the buildings, the aesthetic is still an indecisive mix of styles, with "churches with cement facades mimicking antique curlicues, banks using slate in uncommon colours, achieving only vulgarity".


Myrshock has a mixed population, composed of roughly equal numbers of humans, cactacae, migrant garuda, and vodyanoi who inhabit a canal ghetto.


Myrshock's economy is based around its location and status as an industrial, saltwater port. Many of the ships that frequent its harbors are crewed by pirates and privateers.

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