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Captain Myzovic was the captain of the New Crobuzon merchant ship Terpsichoria for its route from New Crobuzon to Nova Esperium.

Events of The Scar[]

During the events of The Scar, Myzovic allows Bellis Coldwine passage onboard the Terpsichoria on the condition she serve as a translator when the vessel stops by the Salkrikaltor Cray Commonwealth for a diplomatic meeting, on its way to Nova Esperium. At a port stop in Qé Banssa, Myzovic visits the New Crobuzon embassy, where he is told to investigate rumors that one of New Crobuzon's rigs, the Sorghum, has disappeared.

When the Terpsichoria arrives in Salkrikaltor, Myzovic, Bellis, and lieutenant-commander Cumbershum meet the Cray council leader. Myzovic is displeased when the Cray are unable to account for the disappearance of the Sorghum. At the end of the meeting, he is even more displeased when Procurator Silas Fennec, who had been picked up by the cray, commandeers his ship and demands to return to New Crobuzon. Myzovic insists on making one last pass around the Fins to search for any sign of the Sorghum, and it is there that the ship is attacked and captured by Armada. After surrendering, Myzovic and Cumbershum are executed by Uther Doul.

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