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A Nashorn is a species of rhinoceros found on the Rohagi continent.


Nashorns are notable for being used as living tanks by the New Crobuzon Militia during the Tesh-New Crobuzon War. While some nashorns are described as being around two stories tall, the only nashorns seen in the novels are used as war beasts, so it is unclear whether this prodigious size is natural or the result of thaumaturgical enhancement.

Militia nashorns[]

Remade nashorns feature an elevated gun platform on their rear ends and horns modified into drillbits. To support the drills, the nashorns' necks are enhanced with pistons. The nashorns feature controls sutured into their ganglia, as well as seats for militia officers that have been sunken into the skin and flesh behind their heads.


  • Nashorn is German for rhinoceros, as well as the name of a type of World War II German tank destroyer.

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