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New Crobuzon University is the most prestigious university of New Crobuzon. The university is located near Ludmead and accessible by the skyrail's Dexter line.

Notable members[]




New Crobuzon University is home to five faculties, each of which has its own building on the university's campus as well as a porter to ensure that only students and faculty can access the classrooms and laboratories.

  • Science Faculty - This faculty includes the thaumaturgical arts, as well as more traditional sciences such as biology.
  • Arts Faculty
  • Engineering Faculty
  • Language Faculty - As the name suggests, the Language Faculty deals with linguistics and languages. Prior to fleeing the city, Bellis Coldwine worked in this faculty.
  • Commerce Faculty

Student demographics[]

The university has only recently opened to women, roughly thirty years prior to 1779. The student body is overwhelmingly male and human, although there are a few Xenians and women who attend.