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Nova Esperium is the name of a New Crobuzon research/penal colony, located on a landmass on the south-east side of the Swollen Ocean. The colony is constantly beset by inclement weather, dangerous animals, disease, and hostile natives.


The colony is considered a death sentence by many New Crobuzoners, and Remade are regularly shipped to the colony as slave labor, where they are replaced by new batches of prisoners as they die. Despite its reputation as a prison colony, Nova Esperium retains its original purpose as a base of operations for researchers seeking to catalogue the various creatures that live on the continent.

Events of The Scar[]

At the beginning of The Scar, Bellis Coldwine and the other passengers and prisoners of the Terpsichoria are en route to Nova Esperium. However, the ship is commandeered by Silas Fennec to return to New Crobuzon, and subsequently captured by pirates from Armada.


  • The role of Nova Esperium as a penal colony, taken with New Crobuzon's London influences, is similar to modern Australia's origin as an English penal colony.

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