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Pelorus Fields is an wealthy district in southernmost New Crobuzon, featuring prosperous enclaves largely populated by clerks and office men. It is located just off of the Sud line of the skyrail


Pelorus Fields is composed of subdivisions that feature garden squares, "cosy fountains, fat churches and devotionals to Jabber". The district features "bucolic hideouts", namely shoe markets and tea dens, that jut from the district's main street, Wynion Street. Some shoe markets are only open on certain days of the week, such as a particular market that sprung up behind a warehouse on Shundays and Dustdays.

One of Pelorus Field's more notable shops is Boland's Coffees, frequented by Nuevists and dissidents.

In the novels[]

Events of The Scar[]

During his time on Armada, Tanner Sack reminisces about the time spent in Pelorus Fields, browsing the small shoe markets and spending evenings at Boland's Coffees, talking with the owner and the regulars.

Events of Iron Council[]

During the increasing unrest in 1804, the residents of Pelorus Fields formed "Committees for the Defence of Decency" that patrolled the area nightly, often running down any Xenians or Remade in the area.