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Pengefinchess is a Vodyanoi member of a small mercenary group, alongside Tansell and Shadrach. She is one of the adventurers hired by Lemuel Pigeon to assist Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin and his group with the Slake Moths.


Pengfinchess and her group met in Tesh around 1772, and have traveled extensively around most of Rohagi, including the Wormseye Scrub, Neovodan, and the Ragamoll forest. She keeps a small Undine hidden in her clothes, which allows her to keep her skin moist without bathing as most vodyanoi need to do.

Events of Perdido Street Station[]

During the events of Perdido Street Station, Pengefinchess and her group are hired by Lemuel Pigeon to help kill the Slake Moths. The group assists Isaac and company with breaking into the Glasshouse of the New Crobuzon Cactacae, although they are eventually discovered. During the chaos, Shadrach is killed by a Slake Moth, and Tansell is killed shortly after by the angry cactacae, after ensuring Isaac and his group are able to escape.

Following the death of her group, Pengefinchess leaves New Crobuzon for the Cold Claw Sea.

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