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Pennyhaugh is a somaturge alumnus of New Crobuzon University and one of the first members of Judah Low's golem wrestling ring.


Pennyhaugh is described as a glasses-wearing, "middling boy from a journeyman family".


Events of Iron Council (prior-1804)[]

Several years prior to 1804, Pennyhaugh meets Judah when he realizes the latter is disguising his golems as puppets, and challenges him to competition to make the best golem. This friendship expands as the two bring the Stiltspear sport of golem wrestling to the city, gaining more competitors and audiences of hundreds. The two become minor city celebrities, and Pennyhaugh gives Judah books and resources for a more formal education in the art of golemetry.

Pennyhaugh initially uses his winnings to keep the militia from interfering in their competitions, but as time passes, Pennyhaugh becomes increasingly involved in the New Crobuzon government. Eventually, Pennyhaugh and Judah part ways after Judah rejects his invitation to work for the government, although, despite their differences, Pennyhaugh continues to meet with Judah and provide information on the happenings inside the government.

Events of Iron Council (1804)[]

By 1804, Pennyhaugh had left government and began working for "some big concern", strongly indicated to be the Transcontinental Railroad Trust. He and Judah maintain a tenuous friendship, often meeting when Pennyhaugh requires golems for his work.

Near the end of Iron Council, TRT president Weather Wrightby mentions to Cutter that he paid one of Judah's old friends to maintain contact with him, likely referring to Pennyhaugh.

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