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"It was more than the hub of New Crobuzon’s trains. It was a town, in three dimensions, encased in brick. The vastness of its mad-made architecture disobeyed not only rules of style but, it was said, of physics."
—Description of Perdido Street Station, Iron Council

Perdido Street Station is the main skyrail station in New Crobuzon and one of the city's defining landmarks, a hodgepodge of styles and towering architecture so vast that no one map covers the entire station. In addition to the skyrail, the station boasts numerous shops, commercial centers, and business offices spread across several wings. In the Mandragorae Wing, Perdido Street Station hosts embassies from a variety of political states.

All of the other seven skyrail towers connect to Perdido Street Station.

Sections of Perdido Street Station[]

Mandragorae Wing[]

The Mandragorae Wing of the station hosts commercial concourses that specialize in the sale of old fabrics and "foreign batiks". The wing has been described as "almost a self-contained keep", designed as a rectangle of concrete corridors around a central garden. Between the Mandragorae Wing's 11th and 14th floors is the Diplomatic Zone, which holds numerous embassies from across Rohagi and even beyond.

Diplomatic Zone[]

The Diplomatic Zone is a labyrinthine subsection of the Mandragorae Wing, composed of dark, poorly lit corridors and various sets of offices that once hosted company headquarters and ministries. Following the end of the Pirate Wars, the offices were refurbished as embassy spaces. Some notable embassies are located on the 12th floor of the Diplomatic Zone:

  • Tesh - Has an embassy suite that extends several floors in the Mandragorae Wing. However, due to Tesh tradition, the embassy is empty.
  • Khadoh - Also located on the 12th floor. As with Tesh, its embassy covers several floors.
  • Gharcheltist - Located alongside the embassies of Tesh and Khadoh.
  • Salkrikaltor Cray Commonwealth - A large suite that holds hidden steam pumps which take in water from Iron Bay for the Cray ambassador, and which empty his used water into the nearby rivers.
  • Hell - Has a somewhat hidden embassy on the 12th floor. While there is a physical room, actually summoning the embassy to appear requires a Karcist and extensive thaumaturgical knowledge.

The Spike[]

Perdido Street Station hosts the headquarters of the New Crobuzon Militia, known as the Spike, which connects to all other militia towers via the skyrail. The station itself is guarded by a special detachment of militia, known as the Perdidae.


There are several rumors regarding the fate of Perdido Street Station's architect. In one telling, the architect is rumored to have gone mad from the strain of keeping the building functional. In another, that he was incarcerated by the militia to preserve state secrets regarding the station's tunnels and defenses. The final rumor is that in creating the station, he attempted to build a god to be worshipped.

Anno Urbis 1779[]

In 1779, Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin and his companions manage to lure several of the Slake Moths to the top of the station, where they use the Weaver's consciousness to overload and kill most of the remaining moths. They are forced to flee the station shortly afterwards, as both the militia and New Crobuzon crime lord Motley's Remade converge on the station to hunt them down.

Anno Urbis 1804–1805[]

Near the end of 1804, Tesh ambassador Spiral Jacobs attempts to finish his Phasma Urbomach ritual on a roof of the station, where all the spirals he has drawn throughout the city over the years converge. The ritual is stopped at the last moment by Judah Low and his group, at the cost of Qurabin, Ori, and Elsie.


  • Perdido is Spanish for lost or missing.