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A perhapsadian is a musical Possibility instrument created during the reign of the Ghosthead Empire, which skilled players could use to play possibilities into reality. After the fall of the empire very few remain, one of which was in the possession of Uther Doul before being taken by The Lover.


Perhapsadians are described as complex-looking "harp-accordion hybrids" with strings and keys. The music of a perhapsadian is described as "faint and cryptic", "hard to trace, evanescing across frequencies, audible at random moments and places [...] ugly and uncanny: a web of halftones and minor chords, mutating rhythms. A dirge overlaid with plucked strings".

Events of The Scar[]

During The Scar, Bellis Coldwine notices a strange instrument, later known to be a Perhapsadian, in Uther Doul's room. It is strongly indicated that Doul uses the Perhapsadian in an attempt to bring out a nigh-Hedrigall as part of his plan to stop Armada's journey to the Scar. It is not known whether this was successful, or if Doul had to resort to other means.

Later, after reflecting on the improbability of the events leading up to The Lover's exile, Bellis speculates that she could be a "nigh-Bellis" who was played into existence by Doul, after he killed and disposed of the original Bellis sometime earlier.