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The Pirate Wars, also known as the Slow Wars or the False Wars, were a series of conflicts between New Crobuzon, Suroch, Jheshull, Gnurr Kett, Figh Vadiso, and various other islands and maritime powers. The war saw allegiances shift frequently.


The Pirate Wars were fought in two rounds. The first round began around Anno Urbis 1100 and continued for roughly four hundred years. The second round lasted about 34 years, and ended the wars conclusively.[1]

The First Round[]

From 1100 - 1510, actual fighting was desultory and trade and diplomatic interaction continued between the war's nominal combatants. This on-again off-again fighting gave the wars their common moniker, the "False Wars". The effects were largely economic and industrial rather than military, and New Crobuzon prospered at the end of the initial war.[1]

The Second Round[]

In 1510, the wars flared up again, this time as a bloody conflict with considerable amounts of combat. In 1544, the wars had effectively come to an end with the dropping of Torque bombs on Suroch, although the New Crobuzon government did not announce its victory until 1545, by which time it had dropped an additional four colourbombs on the city in an attempt to cover up the devastation.[1]


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