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The Parliament of New Crobuzon is made up of dozens of political parties. Only a few are large enough or notable enough to bear mention. During the Tesh-New Crobuzon War, various parties banded together into political camps based on their wartime outlooks.

Major parties[]

Fat Sun[]

The Fat Sun party is the part of mercantile policy and monied interests. Described as "thoroughly corrupt", the Fat Sun reached its height under Mayor Bentham Rudgutter. Fat Sun has continued to be well-funded and successful under Rudgutter's successors, Mayor Eliza Stem-Fulcher and later Mayor Triesti.

Diverse Tendency[]

Diverse Tendency is one of the smaller parties, composed primarily of xenians with a few humans. The party attempts to exploit legitimate xenian fears at the ballot box, and while it preaches tolerance, does little to encourage it. Xenian radicals view party members as sell-outs.

Finally We Can See[]

Finally We Can See is described as a corrupt, weaselly party that is known for joining the governing coalition regardless of the coalition's makeup. The party traditionally claims to be liberal and to represent the "honest everyday citizen".

Three Quills and New Quill[]

See: Three Quills and New Quill

Three Quills, and its successor, New Quill are fascist, anti-xenian parties. Both parties preach nativism and advocate for violence against the xenian population.

Political camps[]

These camps, which included members of multiple parties, were largely only active during the years of the Tesh-New Crobuzon war. Following the war's official end, these camps have lost most of their support and are no longer considered major political players.

  • Suitors - In favor of "peace at any cost" with Tesh.
  • Victorians - Hardline hawks who favored continuing the war until a decisive New Crobuzon victory was achieved.
  • Concessionists - Not much is known about this camp. It is likely they were a middle-ground, pragmatic camp.