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Possibility in the world of Bas-Lag is the science of chance and possibility. Emanating from under the surface of the world, Possibilities can be mined and sifted through with the correct tools and methods.


The Ghosthead Empire was adept in the art of Possibility Mining, and relied on the cultivation of beneficial possibilities - and the diminishment of unfavorable possibilities - to sustain their rule during their reign. As of the time of The Scar, the only known remaining scholar on Possibility and the Ghosthead is Uther Doul.

Following the end of the Ghosthead Empire, Possibility seams still exist as a result of their activities. The Scar is one such area, as is the Fractured Land where the Slake Moths originate from.


  • Possibility theory is held by some to invalidate Crisis theory, although the two are not necessarily incompatible.