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A Possible Sword is a Ghosthead Empire artifact, famously wielded by Armadan soldier-scholar Uther Doul. Possible Swords and other such weapons were very common during the Ghosthead Empire, but the science behind the swords has since been lost to history in the 3,000 years following the empire's decline and fall. Currently, the Possible Sword appears as a lightly-aged, slightly-stained, bone-white ceramic longsword.


The abilities of the sword are activated by connecting the sword to a series of electrodes embedded in the user's palm, attached to wires which in turn connect to a clockwork Possibility engine mounted on the wielder's belt. The clockwork engine itself is not tight - it leaks its Possible energy gradually when turned off and even faster when turned on. The engine cannot be rewound conventionally and requires the user to enter a Possibility seam in order to recharge.

Although Uther Doul's Possible Sword appears to be a sword as its name suggests, the weapon's appearance and function is variable and subject to the preferences and capabilities of its wielder. At the time of the Ghosthead Empire, the weapon would have appeared completely differently and with different capabilities.

Use in Combat[]

When the sword is powered off, it remains a potent weapon in the hands of a skilled swordsman. The ceramic blade is both incredibly sharp and far more durable than conventional ceramics. The sword is capable of hacking off limbs with ease and retains its edge even after numerous repeated strikes against metal or other hard surfaces.

When the Possible Sword is powered on and connected to a Possibility circuit, the blade mines possibilities from the swordsman's motions. By injecting controlled uncertainty into his or her movements, the swordsman is able to land an arbitrary number of solid possible hits in addition to the factual hits. The effect is that the swordsman's arm appears to blur, and the sword's target suffers several dozen cuts with each swing of the sword.


  • Uther Doul - The bodyguard of the Lovers and one of the most formidable fighters on Armada.