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Procurator is a New Crobuzon commission given to specially selected high-value individuals who serve the interests of the New Crobuzon government. The only known procurator, Silas Fennec, acts as an intelligence officer and a trader for New Crobuzon.


After obtaining a procurator commission, procurators are still able to travel freely around Bas-Lag, unlike New Crobuzon Militia who are beholden to a chain of command. Procurators are guaranteed payment for the delivery of vital information to the New Crobuzon government.

As de jure representatives of the New Crobuzon government and its interests, procurators are also able to commandeer ships and other vessels at their discretion.

Insignia of Office[]

Procurators are given a plain metal necklace with their registration number, the insignia of their office - two owls under a crescent moon, and their name and title printed on a small metal tag.

Procurators are also issued a signet ring with the emblem of the New Crobuzon mayor's office along with some red sealing wax. The ring and wax are for sealing confidential documents, if the procurator cannot deliver the documents to New Crobuzon him or herself.

Notable Procurators[]

  • Silas Fennec - The only known procurator who appears in the trilogy. He worked as a traveling merchant and trader, in addition to his espionage.


  • The term procurator refers to "an agent representing others in a court of law in countries retaining Roman civil law". It is reasonable to assume based evidence in The Scar that the term in Bas-Lag refers to a representative of New Crobuzon's will.