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Qé Banssa is a small fishing port on Dancing Bird Island, on the slopes of the island's bay. The town is described as small and ugly, and its inhabitants speak a variety of languages, including Ragamoll and Salt.[1]


Qé Banssa is one of the few major outposts of New Crobuzon in the Swollen Ocean, and it is often used as a stopover for New Crobuzon ships sailing to the Salkrikaltor Cray Commonwealth. It hosts numerous pubs, as well as a New Crobuzon embassy located in a crenellated building up on the slopes.[1]

Events of The Scar[]

During The Scar, the Terpsichoria makes a stop at Qé Banssa. The ship's captain, Myzovic, visits the embassy for unspecified government business, presumably pertaining to the disappearance of the Sorghum from Salkrikaltor's outskirts.[1]


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