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Remade are a horribly exploited underclass of New Crobuzon, consisting of criminals forcefully modified by order of a Magister, usually in combination with a prison sentence. Occasionally, horses and other service animals, such as nashorn and whales, are Remade with mechanical parts for greater speed or power.


Most, but not all, Remade are forced into indentured servitude and slavery as a condition of their sentencing and modifications. However, some Remade, like the infamous Jack Half-A-Prayer, have used their remaking to their benefit, becoming vigilante heroes and styling themselves as "fReemade".

Remaking in New Crobuzon[]

The Remade are usually, but not always, humans who are caught up in the criminal justice system and then forced to undergo a capricious and cruel alteration at the hands of New Crobuzon's bio-thaumaturges.

In the punishment factories, the prisoners' bodies are horrifically altered, limbs and other body parts replaced with steam-powered machinery, heavy mechanical metal parts, or grafted together with human or animal components. Live foxes sewn into chests, torsos attached backwards to a horse, tentacles and pistons and caterpillar treads and eyes and lizard claws fitted wantonly wherever they will go; the sadism of Remaking knows no limits.

Remaking in other contexts[]

In Armada, biothaumaturgical practitioners are willing to undo or mitigate the effects of New Crobuzon's Remaking for a reasonable sum, or even to perform the rare Remaking on request. Elsewhere in Bas Lag, Remaking is almost unheard-of.


Events of Perdido Street Station (1779)[]

Events of The Scar (1779–1780)[]

Events of Iron Council (1804–1805)[]


  • The inspiration for Remade may come from a metaphorical remark made by Karl Marx in Das Kapital, where he famously described exploited workers as "an appendage of flesh on a machine of iron".