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Rohagi is a continent on Bas-Lag. The continent is dominated by a large inland sea, the Cold Claw Sea and the smaller Cold Claw Sound and Cold Claw Loch.


Rohagi is dominated by mountain ranges and grass plains that extend through the continent's interior.

The southern portion of the continent is home to the Cymek Desert, an inhospitable patch of desert notorious for its high temperatures and lack of flora and fauna. Eastern portions of Rohagi are notable for swampy terrain, which turns into desert near the Cacotopic Stain, and then a variety of terrains, including areas composed largely of basalt, as one moves further west. The majority of the southwest of Rohagi is composed of the Galaggi Veldt, a vast grass-and-briar land hemmed in by two mountain ranges.

The north of Rohagi hosts the Shatterjack Mountains, a sizeable mountain range that extends north-south. Further north the terrain becomes steppe, which is inhabited by tribes of nomads.

West of the Cacotopic Stain, the laws of physics begin to change. Some areas of Rohagi are known for fields of blitzbaums, while in the veldt the rain is able to trap sunlight in its drops.


Rohagi is home to numerous city-states and smaller settlements. Owing to its incredibly hostile terrain, sizeable Torque zones, and aggressive wildlife, the continent has seen the development of incredibly varied city-state cultures.

Although the list is far from exhaustive, known city-states include:

  • New Crobuzon - The continent's most powerful city-state and a major mercantile power. It dominates the eastern half of Rohagi in terms of political and economic influence, and has made inroads toward expanding that influence westward. Many of the Bas-Lag Cycle's protagonists originate here.
  • The Brothers - A recent New Crobuzon trade-partner near Tesh.
  • The Gengris - A reclusive city-state in the Cold Claw Sea, populated almost entirely by Grindylow.
  • High Cromlech - A north-eastern city-state composed of Thanati nobility, with a zombie underclass and a human minority.
  • Hinter - A state of some sort located in proximity to High Cromlech.
  • Jangsach - A Vodyanoi city-state composed of decentralized fiefdoms.
  • Maru'ahm - A "casino-parliament" city-state located north of Tesh.
  • Tesh - A major city-state on the south-western coast. It jointly controls the Firewater Straits in concert with the Witchocracy.
  • Troglodopolis - A "cthonic burrow" located several hundred miles to the east of New Crobuzon.
  • Vadaunk - Referred to as the "mercenary kingdom", the kingdom is notable for its culture of superstitious, cyclic repression that occurs with the changing of the seasons.
  • Yoraketche - A weak, warlike state that exports mercenaries.

In addition, the Galaggi Veldt that dominates the continent's southwestern portion is home to any number of mobile villages and civilizations, while nomadic tribes live north of the Shatterjack mountains. Small villages consisting of a mix of cultures dot the landscape.


See: Historical timeline

Around 3,000 years prior to Anno Urbis 1779, the entire continent was a part of the Ghosthead Empire.

Roughly 500 years after the decline and retreat of the Ghosthead from Bas-Lag, large portions of southern Rohagi became part of the Anophelii Malarial Queendom. Several centuries later, the Queendom collapsed.



  • It is unknown how large the continent actually is. Most maps depict Rohagi extending further into the northwest for an indeterminate distance.

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