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The Runagate Rampant is one of New Crobuzon's largest underground newspapers. The newspaper boasts a large, ever-changing staff and a handful of permanent editors. Possession of the paper is considered evidence of sedition under New Crobuzon Law, and its readers and writers live in fear of the Militia.


The Runagate Rampant is one of the primary focal points for opposition to the New Crobuzon government. During the events of Perdido Street Station in Anno Urbis 1779, the Runagate Rampant was considered the largest real threat to the New Crobuzon Government.

By the time of the events in Iron Council in AU 1805, the paper's influence and role is considered to be largely ineffectual. Other, more extreme resistance groups such as Toro's Gang have begun to take action, while the editors and writers of the Runagate Rampant have largely resigned to discussions among themselves.


Until AU 1779, Benjamin Flex and Derkhan Blueday were the co-editors of the paper. Following Flex's arrest and subsequent execution, Blueday became the primary editor.

  • Benjamin Flex - Co-editor, unknown-1779
  • Derkhan Blueday - Co-editor, unknown-1780
  • Marcus - Unclear, 1803-