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Salacus Fields is one of New Crobuzon's most fashionable districts. It is known as a home for poets and pamphleteers, as well as the latest breed of junkies.


Salacus Fields is crowded with tea-houses and bars. Its residents "delight in the scandalous and the outré". The district's clothing styles are known for being bright and artistic.


The district houses a variety of artists, ranging from the very wealthy, with patrons and city contracts, to the "conventionally successful". Many of the artists are xenians, such as the Vodyanoi golem-makers and khepri sculptural gland-artists.

Despite its reputation for dissidence and radical aristry, the district primarily draws in rich students and young men. Many of the truly radical artists and pamphleteers have moved to Howl Barrow.

Buildings of Note[]