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The Salkrikaltor Cray Commonwealth is one of New Crobuzon's closest trade partners and allies. The Commonwealth is located under the Swollen Ocean, between the Bartoll and Gnorman Tor islands.


The commonwealth is governed by a council of kings, each of whom controls a portion of territory in the commonwealth. As of 1780, the council's leader was Council Leader King Skarakatchi.



The capital of Salkrikaltor is a submerged city with a small portion located above the sea, where the city's human minority lives. The buildings are made from various materials, including iron, rock, glass, and coral, and extend above the water, providing living quarters for both Cray and humans at different levels. Many of the above-water segments, collectively referred to as the Landside Quarter, are connected by thin bridges.


The outskirts of the capital are home to Cray farmers. The outskirts are not densely populated, although government submarines do patrol the Commonwealth's borders and pick up trespassers.


Salkrikaltor leases parts of its outskirts, a chain of islands known as the Fins, to New Crobuzon, which moors its drilling platforms, the Trashstar, the Manikin, and the mobile platform, the Sorghum, under Cray guard.

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