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"Sally" is the cover name of a New Crobuzon militiaman who acted as David Serachin's handler, having blackmailed him several years prior to 1775. He used room seventeen of a Remade brothel, located in the whoretown between Spit Hearth and The Crow to meet with David.


"Sally" is a thin and middle-aged man with "calculating and intelligent" eyes, patient and composed.

Events of Perdido Street Station[]

David reports to Sally that Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin had possession of a Slake Moth grub, which matured and escaped, and that Isaac is also working on a Crisis engine, with some success. The latter news catches Sally's attention, and he instructs David to keep Isaac preoccupied while the militia prepare to capture him. Sally reassures David that Isaac won't be killed, as they need him for interrogation and to gain access to subversive networks in the city.