Grey-skinned thick-built humanoids, the scabmettlers' blood is their most unusual trait. All scabmettlers must regularly drink an herbal concoction or risk being killed by a petrification of their own blood. This dangerous tendency to coagulation has been used for beneficial purposes, however, as with the correct application of the herb scabmettler warriors or arena-fighters can cut themselves and shape ridged armor of solidified blood around them. Highly protective, this can even protect them from the probosci of the blood-draining she-anophelii.

The scabmettlers on Armada, inhabitants and rulers of Shaddler riding, devoutly practice a faith deeply concerned with blood. The sounding of "bloodhorns" and the sight of red-horned temples are common in Shaddler, and during rain they mourn the fact that the sky is bleeding. Their martial fighting art is known as mortu-crutt. It is unknown where scabmettlers originate from, or whether their cultural practices elsewhere are similar to those of Armada's population. It is just barely possible that scabmettlers are a sub-population of humans or close human relatives, with a serious genetic disorder or some other affliction to explain their sanguine differences.

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