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Shaddler is one of the ridings of Armada. It is home to the scabmettlers, and adjacent to Booktown, Thee-and-Thine, Garwater's foremost edge, and the open sea.


Shaddler is ruled by a general, and its citizens reportedly have little autonomy. The streets are rather bleak and simple. Pomp's Way is located here, a marketplace busy with visitors from Garwater and Booktown. Elsewhere in the riding, temples and herbariums serve the distinctive needs of the scabmettlers.

Associated ships[]

  • Therianthropus - The iron flagship of Shaddler riding, Armada, and the site of Barrow Hall.
  • Darioch's Concern - A clipper in Shaddler riding connected to the Badmark in Garwater riding by the Whiskey Bridge. It has "cheap houses and raucous industry".
  • Dearly - A submersible, "long surface-bound", in Shaddler riding, on the outer side of Darioch's Concern. It has a theater inside it.
  • Thaladin - A ship on the edge of Armada, displaying the Shaddler Sculpture Garden by the open ocean.

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