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Shankell, also known as Borridor, the Salt-Hole, and the Corkscrew Citadel, is a port city on the northern tip of the Cymek Desert, adjacent to the Meagre Sea.


Shankell is a trade town on the north shore of the Cymek, best known for its gladiatorial combat scene and its status as the home of the worship of Sanshad.


The population of Shankell is largely composed of Cactacae, although there are minority populations of various other races as well.



The city's official religion is the worship of Sanshad, run by a committee of cactacae. Still, the city is fairly relaxed about the worship of other deities and religions.


Shankell is famous for its brutal gladiatorial combat, which takes place in hook-wire cages and fleshpits.

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