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Shoteka is a continent on Bas-Lag, believed to be located to the southwest of Rohagi.


Shoteka is bordered to its north and east by the Firewater Straits. The area to the west of Shoteka is uncharted by New Crobuzon explorers. The continent's climate is fairly warm.


At its height 3,000 years prior to Anno Urbis 1779, the Ghosthead Empire extended to parts of Shoteka.

Roughly 500 years after the fall of the Ghosthead Empire, Shoteka was conquered and incorporated into the Malarial Queendom's territory. The continent's history after the collapse of the queendom is unknown.


  • Shud Zar Myrion Zar Koni, also known as the Witchocracy, is the only city-state known on the mainland continent.
  • Geshen is a small island city-state located off the northern coast of Shoteka, in the Firewater Straits. It is a territory of the Witchocracy.

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