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"I’m thirty-eight years old [...] I’ve been a trader since before I was twenty. I’m a New Crobuzon man, don’t get me wrong. Born and brought up in the shadow of the Ribs. But I doubt I’ve spent five hundred days in that city in the last twenty years."
—Fennec describes himself to Bellis Coldwine

Silas Fennec, also known as Simon Fench, is a New Crobuzon procurator and trader. He is proficient in a variety of espionage skills, and speaks Salt, Ragamoll, and a variant of the Grindylow tongue.


Even before he was twenty, Fennec was a travelling trader. According to himself, he has stated he spent more of his life living outside New Crobuzon than in it, including time spent in Jangsach, Hinter, and High Cromlech, where he traded "liquor for pelts in the tundra north of Jangsach, pelts for secrets in Hinter, secrets and artworks for labor and spices in High Cromlech".

Fennec also spent a few months living in the Gengris, where he learned an attenuated version of the Grindylow tongue while conducting a feasibility study in preparation for the creation of a canal that would bypass the Grindylow and their fortresses. During this time, he also stole a grindylow artifact, the Magus Fin.

Procurator status[]

Owing to his extensive travelling experience and his ability to obtain information, the New Crobuzon government gave Fennec a procurator commission, making him a representative of New Crobuzon's interests and guaranteeing him payment in exchange for espionage on their behalf.

Events of The Scar[]

During the events of The Scar, Fennec is picked up by the Terpsichoria as it carries Bellis Coldwine and others past the Salkrikaltor Cray Commonwealth on its way to Nova Esperium. Using his status as procurator, Fennec redirects the ship back to New Crobuzon in an attempt to deliver the information he has gathered on the Gengris.

Arrival on Armada[]

When the ship is captured by Armada, which is looking for Johannes Tearfly, Fennec renames himself Simon Fench and hides his procurator status. Using his skills as a spy, Fennec begins cultivating an intelligence network within the floating city and mapping out political and legal connections for exploitation. He begins developing a relationship with Bellis, due to their common interest in escaping the city and returning to New Crobuzon. Fennec also begins laying the seeds for a story about a planned grindylow invasion of New Crobuzon and gathering information on The Lovers' plan for the city. During this time, Fennec, as Simon Fench and several other aliases, has also made a deal with the Brucolac for use of the Haunted quarter's Wordhoard as a hidden lodging in return for riling up anti-Lover sentiment in the city.

Theft of the compass[]

Several weeks into Armada's journey to Gnurr Kett, Fennec uses the Magus Fin that he stole to infiltrate the city's compass factory in the Grand Easterly. The next day, Fennec passes an ostensible warning about the invasion and, unbeknownst to Bellis, the stolen compass and a description of the information in his possession as a lure for New Crobuzon to come rescue him.


Following the sinking of the NCS Morning Walker and the rest of the New Crobuzon fleet sent to retrieve him, Fennec is arrested by Uther Doul and a handpicked group of sailors. When Bellis comes to talk to him, Fennec admits that he did not especially care for her, stating that if she had been near him when the fleet arrived he would have taken her with him, but otherwise would have just as easily left her.

Return to the Gengris[]

Several days later, during the Brucolac's uprising, a grindylow raiding party comes for Fennec. Despite his desperate attempts to negotiate, Fennec is captured and spirited alive back to the Gengris for unknown, but terrible, punishment.


  • Silas Fennec's name derives from the Fennec fox, which is known for its large ears.

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