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The Sloughing-Off was the name for the period of time following the overthrow of the Ghosthead Empire on Bas-Lag. The Cactacae first appeared during this time, although whether they were born naturally or created is a matter of debate.


During this time, cities and towns on Bas-Lag vanished suddenly as a result of Ghosthead reprisals. Other cities fought against the Ghosthead with unknown means that enabled them to drive off the Ghosthead occupiers without military might. Records of the Sloughing-Off describe a Ghosthead retreat back to their homeland in the wake of the successful rebellion.

Following the end of the Ghosthead Empire, alliances between the groups, tribes and races that made up the Contumancy collapsed. Rohagi politics splintered into infighting and cultural degeneration. The period of time following the Sloughing-Off is known as the First Umbric Age.