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A Somaturge, also referred to as a golemetrist, is a thaumaturge who specializes in the creation and use of golems. In New Crobuzon, somaturges have become commonplace as golems replace constructs in the wake of the Construct War.


Somaturges are able to create golems from variety of matter and elements. This process is assisted by various tools, including golem-mirrors used to create and direct light golems. Classes on somaturgy are offered, alongside other thaumaturgical subjects, at New Crobuzon University.

Known somaturges[]


  • Stiltspear - A species of tribal hunters who live in the swamps and bayous of eastern Rohagi. They are natural somaturges who use golems in hunting and play.


  • Judah Low - A former railway worker who learned somaturgy from a stiltspear tribe in south-eastern Rohagi.
  • Pennyhaugh - A student at New Crobuzon University, and the initial business partner of Low when he begins to expand the sport of golem wrestling in New Crobuzon.
  • Lothaniel Durayne - A professor of somaturgy at New Crobuzon University, and one of the early participants in Low's golem wrestling competitions.
  • Dandler - An alleged militia scientist and a fellow golem wrestler, alongside Judah Low, Pennyhaugh, and Lothaniel Durayne.


  • Somaturge is a combination of the word soma, meaning "body", and the suffix -turge, which itself derives from the Greek suffix -ergos, meaning "working"