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"It had acquired a name, Spatters, that reflected the desultory randomness of its outlines: the whole stinking shantytown seemed to have dribbled like shit from the sky"
Perdido Street Station

Spatters is an isolated enclave where the majority of the Garuda within New Crobuzon have made their home.


Spatters largely consists of dishevelled buildings and dirty streets where the bird-species have retreated from the rest of the city to escape hostility and conflict. Most of the Garuda live within towering skyscrapers from where they are able to fly. Few others enter Spatters, owing to its remoteness and the hazards of crossing polluted rivers.

Notable Inhabitants[]

  • Savage Peter - a gang lord who is feared more than respected. He has the habit of impaling his foes and letting them rot in the sun.

Events of Perdido Street Station[]

During the events of Perdido Street Station, Isaac attempts to communicate with the Garuda community in Spatters in order to gain more information about flight by researching the bird-species.

The leader of their group vehemently refuses the scientist's proposition and forcefully discourages his fellow Garuda from co-operating with Isaac. This leads to Isaac and Lin retreating from the tower and leaving Spatters, having damaged their relationship to the entire Garuda community within New Crobuzon.