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The Stiltspear are stick-legged creatures who are traditionally swamp-dwellers. They have the innate ability to camouflage themselves as trees or stumps. The stiltspear are native to the swamps and bayous of eastern Rohagi, although a few can be found living in New Crobuzon.


Traditionally, stiltspear are divided into tribes and provided for by the female hunters who utilize an unusual form of somaturgy to immobilize their prey, although it is likely that urban stiltspear follow a different lifestyle.


Around 1780, numerous stiltspear were driven out of their native swamps by New Crobuzon's Transcontinental Railroad Trust and the bounties on their hands, affecting their southern populations. By 1804, the few remaining stiltspear began killing humans on sight as a result of the hunts against them, and by 1805 it is believed that the remaining traditional stiltspear were driven to extinction.


Although the stiltspear often do not speak, they do possess a sort of song-language which is used for both communication as well as the creation of golems. When Judah Low saved two stiltspear children, they described their rescue to their commune in a "quickly constructed cavatina to stress its truth".


Stiltspear secrete thaumaturgons, thaumaturgical particles that enable them to camouflage themselves almost perfectly from a distance, although some predators can detect stiltspear when close enough.


Stiltspear also make use of somaturgy - the creation golems. While stiltspear children use this thaumaturgy to create small golem-toys to play with, stiltspear hunters trap their prey in time-golems, which completely immobilize the prey for several seconds.

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