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"The ancient stones and towers of Parliament rose hugely from the very edges of Strack Island. There was no gradual incline or urban scrub before the blunt layers of obsidian shot out of the water like a frozen fountain."
— Isaac observes Strack Island

Strack Island is located at the confluence of the River Tar and the River Canker into the Gross Tar. The island is effectively the government district of New Crobuzon, where the offices of parliament and the mayor are based in fortified buildings.


Strack Island's most striking features are the smoky black walls of the parliament building that jut from the island like a shark's tooth or a stingray's jag. The island is not open to the public.


The submerged base of the island is patrolled by vodyanoi militia while the island's airspace is likewise patrolled by aerostats and well-trained garuda. At ground-level, sniper towers and a series of underground tunnels for rapid troop movement out of sight ensure the security of parliament.

Parliament Building[]

The Parliament building is made up of a complex of government offices, laboratories, holding cells for political prisoners, and archives of city records. The building also has living quarters for the Lord Mayor and his or her ministers, to be used during times of unrest or civic disturbance.