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Strider, also referred to as Borinatch, are tall ungulates native to central Rohagi, though a few live in New Crobuzon. Each of a strider's legs is taller than a man, and their limbs phase in and out of visibility due to their planar instability.


Striders are described as tall ungulates with "their faces masks between baboons and wood-carvings, and insectlike and haunting". Their limbs constantly flicker between dimensions and are capable of reaching distances beyond what should be possible for their length. Striders move with a characteristically stiff-legged gait and an "inhuman grace".


Striders traditionally travel in nomadic herds across the plains and grasslands of central Rohagi, although some less traditional striders do live in the xenian districts of New Crobuzon. When the Transcontinental Railroad Trust began encroaching on their traditional lands, the strider tribes assisted the nascent Iron Council in fighting back against the gendarmerie and their bounty hunters.

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