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Suroch was a maritime city-state located along the eastern coast of Rohagi, several hundred miles north of New Crobuzon.


Prior to its destruction, Suroch was one of several competing city-states that fought in the Pirate Wars. In 1545, during the second round of warfare, New Crobuzon destroyed Suroch with a Torque bomb and several colourbombs.


The ruins of Suroch are currently a sizeable, impassible Torque zone. The Torque contamination extends out a short ways into the sea, forcing ships to detour around it.

Heliotypes taken by the Sacramundi expedition revealed that the area is now populated by living gears descended from train engines, cockroach trees, fifty-horned carapace goats descended from pets kept by the city's citizens, and "herds of what once may have been human".

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