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Tanner Sack is a former Remade slave from New Crobuzon and later a free dockworker on Armada. He was one of the passengers on the Terpsichoria when it was captured by Armadan pirates near the Fins, at the edge of Salkrikaltor.

Events of The Scar[]

Tanner Sack quickly embraced life on Armada, as his Remade status did not give him any social stigma. He cared deeply for Shekel, who he felt was almost like a son to him.

His tentacles, which had been grafted to him in New Crobuzon, became healthy and strong in the salt water around the city, and soon Tanner resolved to more fully remake himself for aquatic existence. With the help of an Armada Bio-Thaumaturge, Tanner gave himself webbed hands and feet, nicticating membranes over his eyes, and gills in the sides of his throat to allow him to live amphibiously.

On the Island of the Anophelii, Tanner helped Bellis Coldwine deliver Silas Fennec's message to a ship of Dreer Samheer Cactae sailors, as he was the only one capable of making it to their ship. The message was then set to be delivered to New Crobuzon. Unbeknownst to Tanner, the message contained the means for the Militia navy to locate Armada and attempt to destroy it.