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Tekke Vogu, the Moment of the Hidden and the Lost, was a Tesh godling worshipped by followers of the Manifold Horizon. By 1804, Qurabin was the only known remaining follower of Tekke Vogu remained after the destruction of his monastery.


The followers of Tekke Vogu held that the moment would only give up information and secrets for the price of a memory or a piece of knowledge. Although Tekke Vogu was generally believed to have access to almost any secret, its followers understood that there was some knowledge that was beyond even the moment's ability to understand or willingness to communicate, such as the nature of torque.

Prior to Iron Council[]

Prior to the events of Iron Council, Qurabin and other senior monks of Tekke Vogu gave up memories and knowledge of themselves to the deity, in order to become its devotees. After the New Crobuzon militia attack on the monastery, the monks again used the deity's blessing to hide themselves from their attackers as they fled the burning temple.

Events of Iron Council[]

During the events of Iron Council, Qurabin trades knowledge with Tekke Vogu in order to develop his reputation as a minor god of a small village of refugees, and later assists Cutter and his group in killing a plant-hulk that had been terrorizing the village. After formally joining Cutter's group, Qurabin uses the godling's blessing to both track the Iron Council and to uncover shortcuts hidden between the spaces of reality, speeding their journey tremendously. However, with each boon, Tekke Vogu takes a piece of Qurabin's memories, and the costs take greater and greater tolls on the monk.

At the climax of the story, Qurabin invokes the hidden knowledge of Tekke Vogu to hinder the Teshi ambassador, Spiral Jacobs, as he attempts to summon a Phasma Urbomach. Ultimately, Qurabin uses Tekke Vogu's knowledge to seal both himself and the ambassador away in Tekke Vogu's domain forever.

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