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The Terpsichoria was a large New Crobuzon merchant ship carrying Remade prisoners to Nova Esperium, along with a few passengers including Bellis Coldwine and Johannes Tearfly.


The Terpsichoria was a large, well-armed ironclad, powered by a combination of sails and thaumaturgy. A meteoromancing engine at the ship's bowsprit displaced the air in front of the ship, allowing its sails to catch the pressure that billowed in from behind.

Owing to its status as a merchant vessel, the ship did not have many amenities for its passengers. Passenger cabins were small, barely larger than closets, and one cargo-hold had been repurposed as a dining area for passengers.

Events of The Scar[]

Early in The Scar, the Terpsichoria was commandeered by Silas Fennec while it stopped at Salkrikaltor on a trading and diplomatic mission. On its way back to New Crobuzon, it was captured by pirates from Armada. It later became part of Garwater riding.